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What our clients have to say

“As a start-up business we felt out of our depth when it came to considering how we should promote ourselves and what marketing activities we should do. Without David’s help and advice we would have spent a lot of money doing things that just don’t work. Now we feel confident that we are on the right path and we will continue working with David for the foreseeable future.”

Steve Wood, Beachwood Camper Hire

"I deal with a range of very high profile clients and so I have learned to be selective over who I will work with and trust. What I value about David is that he brings a wealth of experiences relating to marketing and business development, and he does so in a sociable and approachable way, while challenging my thinking and helping to drive my business forward towards its objectives."

Jonathan Bowman-Perks, Executive Coach and Public Speaker

"Thanks to David’s support we were able to identify numerous opportunities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our onboarding activities. He also helped us turn a regulatory challenge into a new business opportunity"


Perry Coppen, Tidi-Cable

“Before we started working with David, GDPR was looking to be an horrendous burden for our business. In just a few short weeks he had helped us to identify the areas that mattered the most and to cut through all of the jargon, putting our minds at rest so we could focus on the business at hand.”


Brett Creed, Crunchposter

Digital marketing

Never before have businesses of all shapes and sizes had so many opportunities to generate demand for their product or service. And yet the growth in these opportunities is showing no signs of slowing down. With 2019 being touted as the year of voice search and chat bots, knowing whether to invest in new or existing channels can be a huge challenge. How do you decide where to spread your budget? And are you certain that your website and your onboarding processes are effective enough to leverage the money you’re spending on promoting your brand?

As part of our on-boarding process we recommend conducting a SWOT analysis to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats where your marketing activities are concerned. We would then provide tailored recommendations for how you can improve your online visibility and marketing performance.

Pay-per-click (PPC) search marketing

By the time ‘Google’ became a verb search engines had already become an integral part of our lives - and a marketer’s dream (and nightmare). Having an effective paid search strategy is an important element for any business looking to generate demand, however, with search engines constantly moving the goalposts, how do you stay on top? We can help you ensure that your PPC search marketing is optimised and balanced within your marketing suite of activities.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It’s no secret that the costs of advertising on Google are increasing, as more and more businesses are getting online and putting their budgets towards paid search activities. However, not all search activity goes through adverts - in fact, the majority goes through the ‘organic’ listings. Whilst, search engine optimisation tends to take 3, 6, 12 months to deliver results (depending on the competitiveness of your industry and the effectiveness of your campaign), it’s important to include SEO as a part of your medium-term marketing strategy to deliver traffic, leads and sales for your business.


With more than 66% of the population of the UK having a social media profile and 40 million active users per month, it’s clear to see why social media marketing has become a core part of many a business strategy. We can help you work out which social media platforms are best for your business goals and how best to engage with your audience.

Content Marketing

Through our network of editors, journalists, bloggers and content writers we have experts in hundreds of fields, backed up by designers and creatives who can translate your messages into copy, infographics, videos and more, helping you to maximise the impact of your activities. In doing so you can work towards establishing your authority and credibility in your chosen field - key factors in today’s consumer behaviour.


Marketers agree that email is the most effective marketing channel yet so many businesses fail to leverage its potential. When combined with other channels, such as SMS marketing, you can land messages to your target audience at the right time and in the right way. And if you’re concerned about GDPR or the impact it might have on your business, let our experts assess it for you.

Local SEO

97% of consumers search online to find local companies and 72% of consumers, who search for local businesses, end up visiting stores within five miles. With so much demand, locally, it’s important for businesses with a local offering to ensure they can be found. We can help you to develop and implement a strategy to ensure your customers can find your business with ease.


Would you keep filling a bucket, if you thought you had a hole in it? Of course you wouldn’t, yet many businesses continue to spend thousands of pounds driving people to their website, only to then fail to convert them. Often this is down to a poor customer experience on the website or in the customer journey. Let our CRO and Customer Experience experts evaluate your customer journey and website optimisation to identify opportunities to turbo-charge your business.

Business Consultancy and Training

Many of our clients have established businesses and have had some success in their marketing activities, but they are struggling to take their business to the next level. Maybe you have a marketing function already, but you’re not not sure whether to invest in their training and development or whether to expand your team and bring in experts in certain fields. We can provide expert consultancy and training for you or your team in a variety of business critical areas, including:

  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Sales/Marketing analytics and operations
  • GDPR (operational, not legal)

Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion to see how we might be able to help with your business challenges.


It may be that you already have in-house resources and just need a review of the business structure and efficiency, or you’re a new business looking to grow quickly and you’re looking for guidance on how best to build the right team for your business. We can provide expertise to review your current situation and propose the most suitable routes to achieve your goals.


We offer a range of training solutions for a variety of marketing disciplines and can design bespoke sessions from 1 to 20 people. These sessions can cover a particular marketing approach in detail, or a variety at a higher level. These can also be delivered on-site at your premises or we can arrange sessions at a number of great venues across Kent.


Almost 2 million businesses in the UK are operating without a website, costing them over £343 billion each year. It is estimated that introducing a website to each business could equate to an average uplift in revenue of £173,769. Even sole-traders could see an annual revenue uplift of over £32,650, it is believed.

For businesses with an existing website there are further important considerations:

  • 57% of users say they would not recommend a business with a poorly designed website
  • 70% of users will switch to a different website if the one they’re looking for takes too long to load
  • 93% of users say that they are frustrated by incorrect information online.

Whether you are looking for a new website, a complete redesign, upgrades to an existing website or looking to have your site audited for errors and opportunities, we can provide a viable solution.

Website Design

From multipage corporate solutions to single-page ‘brochures’ we can help you to achieve your goals.

Website Fault-Fixing and Optimisation

Fewer than one in 10 SMEs have mobile friendly websites and are losing out on potential business. We can help you identify missed opportunities and fix them.

Website Tracking and Analytics

We can help you to understand who is visiting your website, what they are doing there and identify missed opportunities.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

No matter how good your website is the chances are it can be improved. Even small tweaks to wording, colours, pictures and layout can make a huge difference. Allow us to make that difference for you.

Design & production

For businesses to be able to maintain robust long-term growth they need to have a clear, relatable brand that permeates through every customer touch-point. We work with you and our designers to ensure that your brand and creative elements convey the right tone and messaging to support your objectives, no matter the size or budget for the activity you are undertaking.


A brand is about more than just your logo; however, we can provide support from a simple logo to a full rebrand, brand guidelines and tone-of-voice document for your business.

Leaflets and printed materials

From simple flyers to posters, booklets, exhibition materials and more.

Video production

In 2017, almost 70% of internet traffic was video - and this is expected to continue rising - let us help you leverage the opportunity.

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