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Bright Sparks Marketing is a full-service marketing consultancy and agency, offering solutions for businesses looking to transform their marketing impact or their sales and customer service operations. Our experience gives us the unique position of being able to assess your business challenges from a variety of angles and propose a suite of solutions to address them. We don’t offer just one solution and suggest that it will solve all of your business challenges. The truth is that most businesses can maximise their potential by leveraging a number of approaches together.

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Through our network of permanent, part-time and freelance experts we are able to call upon the right people to solve your particular challenge at that time. And if we don't feel we can solve your problem we will tell you, plain and simple. But what we will aim to do, in the unlikely event that we can’t help you ourselves, is work with you to find an alternative solution. We want to help you be a success - even if that means working with someone else.

What our clients have to say

“As a start-up business we felt out of our depth when it came to considering how we should promote ourselves and what marketing activities we should do. Without David’s help and advice we would have spent a lot of money doing things that just don’t work. Now we feel confident that we are on the right path and we will continue working with David for the foreseeable future.”

Steve Wood, Beachwood Camper Hire

"I deal with a range of very high profile clients and so I have learned to be selective over who I will work with and trust. What I value about David is that he brings a wealth of experiences relating to marketing and business development, and he does so in a sociable and approachable way, while challenging my thinking and helping to drive my business forward towards its objectives."

Jonathan Bowman-Perks, Executive Coach and Public Speaker

"Thanks to David’s support we were able to identify numerous opportunities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our onboarding activities. He also helped us turn a regulatory challenge into a new business opportunity"


Perry Coppen, Tidi-Cable

“Before we started working with David, GDPR was looking to be an horrendous burden for our business. In just a few short weeks he had helped us to identify the areas that mattered the most and to cut through all of the jargon, putting our minds at rest so we could focus on the business at hand.”


Brett Creed, Crunchposter

How we work

We offer all potential clients at least 30 minutes’ free consultation, during which time you are free to pick our brains, take away tips and ideas, all free of charge. We know that trust and a good working relationship are paramount when considering entering into a new business relationship and we want all of our clients to feel comfortable before committing. Therefore, after the consultation, if you want to explore further we would look to work with you through 5 phases:

1. Discovery

Before we can start the process of devising solutions to your business challenges it’s important that we get to know you - what is your culture, who are your customers, what does your brand represent, what is your business strategy? We have templates that can work across businesses of all sizes and industries and we would look to complete this with you.

2. Design

Using the knowledge we have gained from the discovery phase, together with an understanding of your challenges and objectives, we would look to design a plan to address these challenges within the proposed budget.

3. Presentation

Before taking things further we would look to work with you (and your teams, if necessary) to agree the work to be completed, be that a marketing plan, training or a strategic review of your operations. Once agreed we would then move onto the next phase.

4. Build

Once we have your agreement to proceed we would build out the solutions within the timescales and budget we have agreed with you.

5. Delivery

Finally, we would look to deliver the agreed solutions. After a given period we would look to assess the effectiveness of the work we have completed and use pre-agreed Key Performance Indicators to determine this.

david english

Founder, David English

Despite spending so many years in the marketing industry David is more passionate about it than ever before. “Never before has marketing been so exciting and changing so rapidly. Every week there’s either a new update from likes of Google, Amazon or Facebook or a new digital tool becomes available, each presenting both opportunities and challenges which businesses and marketers need to stay on top of if they are to achieve their goals. It’s these ever-changing aspects of marketing which drive me forward and keep me energised in this business.” says David.

A keen reader and follower of business influencers such as Richard Branson, Tom Bilyeu and Tim Ferriss, David never finds himself short on inspiration. From 2015 - 2018, David was Chief Marketing Officer for the Government-backed Start Up Loans scheme. During that time he delivered national TV and radio campaigns, launched a new website and helped tens of thousands of start-up owners to access more than £200 million of funding and support to launch their business. It was the insights from helping these businesses that inspired David to launch Bright Sparks Marketing. “There are so many fantastic business ideas out there and opportunities to create great, sustainable businesses, yet the owners are not usually equipped to be a jack-of-all-trades. Yet without the right support, these businesses may not ever see the success they deserve.”

“One of the main areas small business owners need support with is how to market themselves and how to get their first sale. Yet employing a marketing agency can often be a daunting task - should you choose a social media, public relations or digital marketing agency? Or should you just Google it and do it yourself? The truth is that the answer is different for every business. And that’s where Bright Sparks Marketing can help.”

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Our History

Bright Sparks Marketing came about, indirectly, as a result of the Government’s Start Up Loans scheme. Since 2012, the scheme has been providing funding and mentoring to would-be start-up businesses and from 2015, our founder was Chief Marketing/Commercial Officer, helping to support 10,000 businesses per year. What became clear to our founder was that the UK is awash with ambitious, creative entrepreneurs, many with outstanding business ideas, however, even the best ideas can fail to be realised without the right support.

Thankfully, some of the main reasons start-up businesses fail are being addressed through local and government initiatives (funding, mentoring etc.), but what remains in demand is reliable, effective business expertise. This is where Bright Sparks Marketing excels and the reason for our existence. We wanted to help the UK’s start-up and scale-up businesses to achieve their goals and so we devised a three-tier model:

Do it for you

This is where we work for you to deliver against a set contract, be that a marketing strategy, marketing delivery, training, consultancy or an assessment of your GDPR processes and approach to marketing. This is the standard way for agencies to work with businesses.

Do it with you

If you already have some resource in-house, but just lack some expertise, or strategic direction, we can work with your existing team to deliver the project and train them up in the agreed skills as part of the process.

Do it yourself

Over time we will be creating a range of resources and self-help guides which business owners can use to improve their marketing, sales and customer experience activities - all completely free of charge! Why would we do that? The answer is simple. Firstly, we genuinely want to see entrepreneurs and business owners succeed in their ventures. Secondly, we hope that, with our free resources and guides, you will be successful and, when you are, you might remember that Bright Sparks Marketing helped you on your journey.

In 1966 Abraham Maslow published The Psychology of Science, which is considered to be the origin of the saying "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

Make sure your business uses a full tool box. Contact us today.

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